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How Much Electric Gates Cost

How Much Electric Gates Cost

Did you ever drive through a neighborhood and find your eyes drawn to a house with automatic gates at the front of the driveway? Did you ever wish your driveway included electric gates? As long as you budget and plan accordingly, you can also be the proud owner of an electric gate. That said, how much electric gates cost does not only include the initial purchase. There are also factors such as maintenance, repairs, and extra features that contribute to long-term costs. To truly grasp how much electric gates cost, here are the four main factors to consider. 

The Initial Purchase and Installation

When thinking about how much electric gates cost, you probably only think about the initial purchase and installation costs, which should still be considered. Not all electric gates are the same, so the cost of the initial purchase could vary. Size, opening mechanism, material, and power source are just a few factors that impact the cost of electric gates. For an example, let’s take a look at this breakdown of typical prices for electric gates based on their material: 

  • Wood electric gates can cost anywhere from $300-$4,000, depending on the type of wood. 
  • Vinyl electric gates are less expensive, typically ranging from $200 to $1,000. 
  • Steel electric gates are on the more expensive end as their minimum cost is usually $2,000, and their maximum is often $4,000. 
  • Aluminum electric gates can also cost a maximum of $4,000, but their minimum is in the middle of the road at $600. 

Looking at the material is just one perspective to consider when thinking about how much electric gates costs. These factors, plus location, affect overall initial purchase costs, placing the national average cost between $800-$8,000. An exact price based on your specifications is more accurately calculated when meeting with a contractor. 

The labor required for installation is often its own separate cost. The price often depends on the rates provided by the technician. The rates per hour are usually $30-$80, depending on the complexity of the installation process. 

How Much Electric Gates Cost With Maintenance 

Like any other part of your home, electric gates also require periodic maintenance. Some maintenance procedures can be executed by yourself, such as cleaning and lubrication. Other parts, such as inspecting and checking up on electric components, require a professional for the best results. Track adjustment and electric operator inspections can fall under this maintenance umbrella, which professionals are better equipped to address. 

How Much Electric Gates Cost With Repairs 

Another cost factor to consider is the inevitability of repairs. Repairs for your electric gates can include issues with the circuit board, motors, and even light sensors. While regular maintenance can keep repairs or replacements from being frequent and save money, the age of these parts is something outside of your control, making repairs a reality of owning electric gates. 

maintenance and repairs how much do electric gates cost

Purchasing Extra Features

When considering the overall cost of owning and operating electric gates, consider what that might look like should you choose to purchase extra features. These extra features are often installed to amp up security and can include such features as security cameras and alarm systems. These additions are by no means required for any electric gate system, and you are free to use your own discretion to determine whether or not they will make a concrete difference in keeping your home safe. 

Gates Repair Houston Will Help You Find The Most Cost-Effective Electric Gates!

Hopefully, after reading this blog, the way you think about how much electric gates cost is not limited to the initial purchase and installation. With this new mindset, you can actually consider the big picture when investing in electric gates. If you’re concerned about finding the most cost-effective electric gates for your home, Gates Repair Houston will bring the insight to help you find the best gate for your home security needs. Contact us today, and we will help you find your dream gates.