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How To Open Electric Gates Manually

How To Open Electric Gates Manually

You’re returning home from a long day at work. Greeting you first are your wonderful electric gates that provide extra security in addition to curb appeal. However, when you try to open it remotely, it won’t budge. You try again, and the electric gates still won’t open. Electric gates that refuse to open can make for a frustrating way to start or end your day. Luckily, there are ways to open your electric gates manually in these kinds of situations. 

Not All Electric Gates Are The Same

Before attempting to open electric gates manually, keep in mind that not all electric gates are the same. Electric gates come in different styles regarding how they open and close and come in different sizes too. Some electric gates also come with different manual operation functions. For example, some utilize keys, while others require a lever or crank. Whether your electric gates are sliding or double-door, make sure that your electric gates include a manual failsafe. 

1. If Your Electric Gates Require A Remote Or Keypad, Try Replacing The Batteries First

If your electric gate operates with a remote or keypad, check the state of its batteries first. If your keypad system includes indicators of battery status, you should know when it’s time to replace them. Not all remotes and keypads include indicators of battery status, but changing out the batteries first can easily save you time and frustration. Keep the appropriate batteries with you just in case you run into this very situation. If replacing the batteries doesn’t work, or your electric gate remote does not include batteries, try either of the manual methods below. 

2. Open Electric Gates Manually With Keys

One of the more common means for how to open electric gates manually is with keys. Electric gates sometimes come with a manual key backup to serve as a failsafe. The key should be able to fit into the appropriate insert to open manually. 

However, some electric gates can be opened using Allen keys. Gates that require Allen keys for their system override are often provided upon purchase, and this override process does require some additional steps. You will need to find the motor in order to remove the motor cap and insert the clutch release. Then, you will use your Allen key to open the gate. It’s important to remember to put the cap back on the motor afterward. 

3. Open Electric Gates Manually With A Lever, Handle, Or Crank

Some electric gates come with a lever or handle backup system instead of keys. However, electric gate handles, levers, and cranks are rarely exposed, so it’s important to know how exactly to access them. If your electric gates use any of these manual opening mechanisms,  you will need to keep a screwdriver with you so you can unscrew the enclosure. After unscrewing it, you should be able to pull the crank or lever to open the gate manually. Make sure you re-screw the enclosure to its previous state. If your gate’s lever, handle, or crank is exposed, you just need to pull, turn, or push it until it opens. Make sure it is able to stay open on its own. 

how to open electric gates manually

Why Won’t The Electric Gates Open In The First Place?

It’s frustrating when electric gates struggle to open as intended. However, there is usually an underlying cause behind its inability to operate as expected. Some of the most common causes that keep electric gates from opening include the following: 

1. Power Outage

During power outages, anything that runs on electricity will be rendered inoperable, and if your automatic gates run on electricity, they will not be spared from this result. If it’s a brief power outage, then your gates should be able to operate as normal when the power returns. However, if there is a severe storm or other cause that extends the power outage for a long period of time, you will want to be proactive in ensuring your gate can be opened manually. 

2. Overdue Maintenance 

Another reason why your electric gates may not be opening could be overdue maintenance. Just like any other part of your home, electric gates also require routine maintenance to remain operable. Allowing pests and debris to build up within the motor keeps your electric gates from optimally performing their function of opening and closing, so creating and committing to a regular maintenance schedule will make a huge difference. 

3. The Gate Needs Repairs 

Sometimes, maintenance is not enough to ensure electric gates are able to open and close as needed. In this case, repairs will be necessary. Repair services for electric gates can range from issues with the tracks or operating box to severe rust. As irritating as repairs are, you want to make sure a technician can take care of them sooner rather than later, so you can return to leaving and returning home with ease. 

Gates Repair Houston Will Return Power To Your Electric Gates! 

Electric gates are a great way to increase home security and boost curb appeal, but it’s very frustrating when they don’t open as intended. The good news is that you don’t need to face these problems alone. At Gates Repair Houston, our certified technicians will immediately be on site to make sure your electric gates can easily open again. Contact us today with any questions or concerns about your electric gates.