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5 Aesthetic Gate Restoration Questions

5 Aesthetic Gate Restoration Questions

Sometimes a garage door isn’t enough to keep your home protected, so you invest in driveway gates. This extra barrier to your home will serve as a great deterrent to any would-be intruders. However, the passage of time isn’t always kind, so you might have gates that have lost their shine or are visibly rusted. Luckily, you can bring your gates back to life by taking advantage of aesthetic gate restoration services. Keep reading to find the answers to all your questions about this type of restoration.

1. What Is Aesthetic Gate Restoration?

Aesthetic gate restoration is the process of returning old or worn-out gates to their former glory. This process involves cleaning the gates with a wire brush to start. After cleaning with a brush, you’ll use sandpaper to help remove rust. After the sandpaper, you may choose to chemically treat the rust or use natural remedies. If you plan to treat them, make sure that the substance you use will not end up damaging the material of your gates. Finally, once you’ve washed the solution off the gates, you can prepare to prime and repaint them with a new coat.

2. Why Should I Restore My Gates?

There are at least two good reasons to restore your driveway gates. First, allowing your gates to get worn out and rusted actually has a great impact on functionality. Rust and wear can actually make the gates slower and lead to misalignment. Second, restoring your driveway gates will bring a significant boost to your home’s curb appeal. By improving your home’s curb appeal, it will be more valuable when you’re eventually ready to put it on the market.

3. What Kind Of Gates Can Be Restored?

Most gates can receive aesthetic gate restoration services. However, you’ll most likely see metal decorative gates receive this service, especially if the gates are ornamental. If you have gates made of wrought iron or any other metal, they can definitely be restored to their original elegance.

4. What Are The Benefits Of Aesthetic Gate Restoration?

When talking about why you should consider aesthetic gate restoration services, two of those reasons consist of maintaining the functionality of your gates and increasing curb appeal. However, those aren’t the only benefits you can reap when you take advantage of this service. With your gates restored, they can be in the ideal condition to receive security enhancements such as a smart opener system.

Restoring your gates will greatly extend their lifespan. After they are restored, though, you need to do your part to maintain your gates so they can remain in the best shape possible. This includes washing your gates, ensuring loose parts are tight, lubricating tracks and rollers, and ensuring the opener has a working battery. If they are damaged due to a natural disaster or accident, have that damage repaired promptly so your gates can return to their smooth operation. Following through with these maintenance tips will make the restoration all the more worthwhile.

5. Who Can I Call To Provide Aesthetic Gate Restoration Services?

Now you know that you should take advantage of aesthetic gate restoration services so your gates can return to functionality and have the opportunity to receive upgrades to their security and your home’s curb appeal. Naturally, you would like to know who provides this service. The good news is that most gate repair companies also offer restoration services.

If you happen to live in Houston, you really want to know who provides the best gate restoration services near you. Our technicians at Gate Repair Houston have years of experience under their belts, which makes them perfect for this job. Contact us today, and your gates will stand out beautifully once more.