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Garage Door Problems to Watch Out For

Garage Door Problems to Watch Out For

Your garage door is one of your home’s largest appliances. Because of that, it is important to take good care of it and keep an eye out for potential problems. When you do not care for your garage door or pay attention to warning signs, you create a potential hazard. If your garage door suddenly comes off track or part of it breaks, it can cause serious injury to you, your family, and your property. Be smart and look out for common garage door problems before they grow into larger issues. 

Why Is It Important to Watch out For Garage Door Problems? 

Perhaps you do not feel your garage door is actually a safety hazard. If you think this appliance is not dangerous, we are here to tell you otherwise. Up to 30,000 injuries happen each year because of garage doors. Sometimes, these injuries are fatal, especially when a child is the victim. Remember, garage doors weigh hundreds of pounds. When they suddenly slam down because of function failure or because a part broke, this weight can cause serious damage to humans, pets, and even your garage. 

4 Garage Door Problems 

Okay, now you know the importance of keeping track of garage door problems to prevent injury. Now you need to know what garage door problems to look out for. Here are four common garage door problems to be aware of: 

1. Garage Door Making Strange Noises 

Garages are noisy appliances, so some sounds coming from your garage door aren’t a concern. But if you are hearing sounds like squeaking, rattling, popping, and grinding, then there is something wrong with your appliance. It could be that your rollers need lubrication, that your hardware is loose, or even that one of your parts, such as a spring, is nearing the end of its life. If you suspect the problem might be a garage door spring or cable, you should refrain from fixing it yourself. Both of these parts can cause serious injury if they break while you are nearby. 

2. Garage Door Struggling To Open Or Not Opening At All

Unfortunately, your garage door does not always open as fast as you want it to. It may not even open at all! Oftentimes, failure to open quickly is a sign that the garage door springs are wearing out. If your garage door won’t open at all, it could mean that one of your springs snapped. However, the problem could also be your garage door remote or the opener motor. It is hard to diagnose problems with garage doors unless you are a professional. While you can attempt to troubleshoot this issue, you may not be able to find the source of the problem on your own. After all, it could be any number of things. 

A technician fixes garage door problems.

3. Garage Door Failing to Close 

Your garage door may sometimes get stuck in an open position. The reason for this could be simple, or it could be a sign of something more serious. Sometimes, your garage door won’t close because the safety sensors on your automatic reversal system are dirty or blocked by an object. Another reason for your garage door failing to close is the limit setting, which helps the door know exactly how far to move down. If the limit settings are off, the garage door won’t close. Malfunctioning transmitters and damaged garage door tracks can be the culprit as well. 

4. Your Garage Door Opening and Close On Its Own

No, your house isn’t haunted. There are perfectly natural explanations for your garage door opening and closing on its own. Faulty wiring or circuitry is one reason for this phenomenon. Or one of the buttons on your keypad or wall control may be stuck in a depressed position, causing your garage door to continue moving on its own. If none of those things are the issue, then perhaps you can return to the ghost theory. 

We Can Fix Garage Door Problems! 

We outlined four of the most common garage door problems out there. However, there are many more that you may encounter as a homeowner. Your appliance needs regular care and maintenance, and no part of it will last forever. If you are experiencing garage door problems, you can rely on our team for expert assistance. Contact Gates Repair Houston today to find out more about our services!