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Electric Gate Maintenance Tips

Electric Gate Maintenance Tips

Electric gates allow homeowners to feel secure in their homes. They give commercial businesses an extra layer of security. They also manage to make anyone behind those gates feel protected. But when this gate shows signs of deterioration and eventually breaks down, you’re left confused and stuck with the repair bill. You don’t even know what went wrong in the first place.

Why not avoid dealing with any of this from the start? If you would like to do just that, we have the perfect solutions for you. In order to keep your electric gate in the best condition possible, we will be showcasing some electric gate maintenance tips in this blog.

Electric Gate Maintenance Tips

There are many ways for your electric gates to deteriorate. This can happen by ignoring the rust gradually developing,  allowing those annoying mice to chew your gate’s wires, and much more. With the electric gate maintenance tips below, you will be prepared for both of these situations.

Inspect Your Gate Frequently

The first thing you need to do to prevent your gate from breaking down anytime soon is to inspect it frequently. This way, you will be able to spot any dents in your gate. A dent in your gate can allow oxygen and moisture to further damage your gate, resulting in rusting. This will weaken your gate’s material over time without maintenance and repairs. We recommend inspecting your gate at least once a month to ensure no problems arise.

Regularly Wash Your Electric Gate

Everything needs a proper cleaning every now and then, and your electric gate is no different. You should keep your gate from becoming dirty to prevent the steel or iron material from rusting. You should also clean the track and gate operator to prevent debris from damaging it. This buildup will make your gate obsolete, so be sure to clean them. The cleaning process varies depending on the material your gate is made of, but typically you can clean it with a cloth, water, and soap.

Lubricate Your Electric Gate’s Moving Parts

When you’re dealing with an appliance that has moving parts, it is always important to keep them lubricated. The moving parts include wheels, hinges, screws, tracks, and things of that nature. It’s best to lubricate the moving parts at least twice a year. Without doing so, you will notice complications in the operation of your gate as time goes on.

Control Those Pests

Many people fail to realize how detrimental pests, like mice, can be to their electric gate systems. At first, they may seem harmless and innocent, but before you know it, they’re chowing down on essential wires that allow your gate to operate. Spiders can corrode your gate’s circuitry, snails can cause moisture buildup on the circuit board, and many other issues can arise thanks to other pests. Call a pest control company to help sort out any issues with the neighboring outdoor creatures to keep your gate performing at its best.

Electric Gate Maintenance Tips

Gates Repair Houston Is Ready To Help

There are many more electric gate maintenance tips to help your gate remains in shape. But the four tips above will have to do it for today. Any of these tips will ensure your circuitry remains intact, your moving parts remain lubricated, and you can come and go from your property with ease. If you ever need an expert to repair your gates, there is no better team than the one here at Gates Repair Houston. We are more than happy to assist you, so be sure to give us a call if your gate ever needs a pick-me-up.